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NIMH For 3C Product

EPT Rechargeable NiMH battery manufacturer provides high-quality and durable NiMH 3C batteries. EPT NiMH batteries 3C can work well for your mobile phones, tablets, smart wearables, digital cameras, and more.
These 3C batteries have a higher energy density & working voltage. They can support over-charging & over-discharging. It is quite an improvement from the lead-acid battery.
EPT is a leading NiMH 3C battery manufacturer with 20 years of industry experience. We have been manufacturing and distributing ecological rechargeable cells for decades.
EPT has a wide range of NiMH batteries 3C that support all household appliances. Some popular batteries are-
12V 3000mAh Rechargeable NiMH 3C Battery
500mAh NiMH AAA Battery For T-BOX
14.4V 13Ah NiMH Battery 3C For Solar Light
AAA 400mAh Ni-MH Battery
AAA 3.6V 950mAh Nickel Metal Hydride Rechargeable Battery

We provide you with high-quality and durable battery cells. Explore our range of NiMH batteries fit for all domestic and commercial appliances.