1. Certification of EPT

As one of the NiMH and Li-ion battery manufacturers, our factories have been certified to ISO 9001 & BSCI standards and passed the Walmart audit. Our NiMH batteries and Li-ion batteries obtained CE, UL, IEC62133, ROHS, REACH, UN38.3, BIS, KC, and CQC certifications.

2. Quality of the EPT battery cells

The EPT is our own brand and has applied to our NiMH batteries and Li-ion batteries. The cells and battery packs with the EPT logo have been used by more than 1000 companies worldwide.

3. EPT quality

The company’s quality staff accounts for 5% of the employees, and quality assurance is achieved through IQC, IPQC, and OQC for battery performance characteristics testing, customer service, instrument calibration, quality control, etc. Quality improvement is based on the 5W1H and PDCA cycles.

  • IQC: Incoming battery material testing, covering physical, chemical, and electrochemical testing
  • IPQC: Complete battery process control
  • OQC: Adopt the ML-STD-105E quality control program to automate the quality inspection before shipment
  • Test Center: Complete routine battery performance testing, covering capacity, multiplier discharge, charge protection rate, cycle life, reliability testing, and application testing of first-class measurement standards
  • Safety Test Reconfirmation: Battery safety performance testing according to UL standards, covering thermal shock, internal and external short circuit extrusion, vibration, combustion, overshoot, over-discharge, high and low-temperature cycles, and high temperature and humidity, etc.

4. Six advantages of EPT outdoor power

  • One of the safest outdoor power supplies
  • Special process technology — ABS V0 fire retardant material
  • Intelligent BMS management system — intelligent monitoring and efficient output
  • Long battery life
  • With inverter technology, MPPT technology & fast charging technology
  • Ten intellectual protection systems

5. Good quality 18650 Li-ion battery

EPT only does lithium batteries & NiMH batteries. The integrated production and experienced technology can achieve mass production. If we talk about the lithium battery, EPT is better than a lot of manufacturers in China. As a large-scale manufacturer of batteries, we have three production bases, all national high-tech enterprises.

6. Which manufacturer of custom lithium batteries is good?

For custom lithium batteries, you need to know the following information:

  • Operating voltage
  • Working continuous and instantaneous discharge current
  • Operating time
  • Space of battery compartment
  • Battery use environment
  • Requirements of the battery casing
  • Requirements for charging time
  • IP rating requirements
  • Other special requirements

Which manufacturer of custom lithium batteries is good; it depends on which kind of battery you want to customize because each manufacturer focuses on different directions. You can call us directly to learn more information, and we are willing to provide more satisfactory products according to your requirements!

7. EPT customization

We understand both lithium batteries and NiMH batteries, and we can always give you a better solution.
104 national patents, 21 years of customization for over 1000 enterprises
We provide you with one-to-one professional guidance service to achieve efficient and accurate communication.

8. Customization process for EPT batteries

Customer requirements introduction
Feasibility analysis and project development
Overall product design and review
Design verification and review
Process validation and pilot production
Product certification testing
Project acceptance

9. EPT response for bulk custom batteries

The project development team is set up within 8 hours after receiving the customer’s demand to provide professional technical docking. The preliminary plan is given within 24 hours, and within the first time, the plan is determined with you and then quickly enter the product applicability testing.

10. EPT: factory or trader?

We have our own production bases in Shenzhen, Meizhou, and Yancheng, covering an area of more than 70,000 square meters. Additionally, we have six sets of fully automatic winding machines, which are rare in the industry.

11. Product liability insurance

We purchase global product liability insurance for all products up to $2,000,000.