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LiPo Battery For 3C Product

LiPo battery for 3C product is a consumer-grade lithium polymer battery. Household appliances like mobile phones, digital cameras, and speakers use this battery. Consumer devices have limited space. Thus, 3C battery has strict regulations for energy density and size. And 3C LiPo batteries use advanced technology and material for manufacture.
EPT is one of the leading li polymer battery manufacturers with over two decades of industry experience. EPT excels in developing, manufacturing, and distributing batteries for commercial and residential purposes.
Domestic appliances have different power needs depending on the function they perform. A 3C LiPo battery also comes in several capacity configurations like 500 mAh, 900 mAh, and 1800 mAh in the 3.7V variant and 600 mAh in 14.8V.
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