How To Test A Lithium Ion Battery With A Multimeter?


How to test a lithium ion battery with a multimeter? It is the most asked question by people who use lithium-ion batteries. Often it happens the batteries stop working for no reason. Or sometimes, it drains too fast. There can be so many reasons why you require to test it. So, in this blog, you will come across the testing process.

How to test a lithium ion battery with a multimeter- The testing process

how to test lithium ion battery with multimeter

The lithium ion batteries is a useful battery with diversified uses. However, what creates trouble is when it stops working.
There are some ways you can use to check the troublesome batteries.

  • Salvaging

For lithium battery testing, the first thing is to salvage the battery. According to the process, you shall remove the battery pack case. In addition, you require some tools to take the battery cells out for inspection.

  • Inspection of battery

If you find any leaks or damage, try fixing them, or you can replace them with a healthy battery.

  • Fully charge batteries

Plug in the charger for charging the lithium ion battery if you find any battery heating up. Sometimes a cell from the battery pack starts dissipating heat after charging begins. Such a cell is a faulty one. So, you shall immediately discard it.

  • Testing with mulltimeter

With the help of a multimeter, you can perform quick lithium battery testing. It always shows promising results with accuracy.

One of the most common ways is to use a multimeter. How to test batteries with a multimeter? If you have heard the use of multitier for the first time, then let’s explain it to you. The meter is also a checking device that can check for different quantities, like the current, voltage, and resistance of any electrical device or circuit. It has two probes to connect with the circuit or device for testing. Before testing its performance, you shall follow the following steps to inspect the batteries.

How to predict the battery isn’t working properly?

Learning how to test lithium ion battery with multimeter is simple. But before testing it, what signs show it’s not working fine? Below are some signs, so go through these to enhance your knowledge about lithium ion batteries.

  • Heating issues with the battery. You will find the battery an exceptional job every time you use it.
  • Sometimes the terminals of the battery are loose or broken.
  • Quick draining batteries. Often you charge the li-ion battery to complete, but it quickly drains off when connected with the load.

How to use a multimeter to test the lithium batteries?

how to test lithium battery with multimeter

If the battery is damaged and you are unaware of it. Then the battery would reduce the efficiency and the output it delivered. Experts often suggest you perform an Ohm test when looking for lithium battery testing. Once you have connected the battery terminals with the multimeter, proceed further. Now take the knob of the meter towards ohm settings. If the resistance of the battery shows zero ohms, then you have proof that it’s working fine. If the resistance output is infinite, then it is a sign that your battery is damaged.

A complete step to step guide for lithium battery voltage testing

How to test batteries with a multimeter? By following the steps below, you can learn the process.

1. Ensure you have disconnected the battery from the circuits where it was connected.
2. You can rotate the dial over the meter to a voltage setting of 15-20V DC. If the battery you want to test is 4 Volts, this setting is all good.
3. You will come across two probes attached to the multimeter.
4. You have to fix the red probe to the port stating Voltage Ohm Mili Ampere for the black probes inserted in the port of Com. Also, confirm the connection of probes with ports correctly. Any loose connection can show an error.

How to test lithium ion battery with multimeter? If the 4 Volts li-ion battery shows approximately 3.5 to 3.7 voltage, then the battery is all good. However, if the battery voltage is less than 3.5 displays, then your battery is damaged.

Steps for testing the current of Li-ion battery

Checking for voltage is easier and simple when you have a digital multimeter. Using the meter, you can test for the battery supplies enough Ampere of current to its load.

1. After disconnecting the battery from its load and circuits, place it over the workstation.
2. To proceed with how to test lithium battery with multimeter, take the meter. Now, you have to press its knob and rotate it to the current setting of 200mA. This current setting would meet the requirement of a battery that exhibits 100mA current.
3. Now establish the connection of the ports of the meter with the battery.
4. Once the connection is made, you will find the meter to check the current reading. It can take up to a few seconds before showing a static current reading.
5. If the battery is fine, this is 100mA; if supplied current is approximately 100mA, keep working with the battery. Otherwise, when the measured current differs from the battery’s required current range, then immediately replace the battery.

Does a multimeter show accurate testing results?

how to test batteries with a multimeter

You shall always look for professional ways to check lithium batteries. Manual testing would always result in poor testing. Similarly, you shall test voltage, resistance, and currents precisely. How to test lithium ion battery pack with multimeter? It expands differently, but absolute testing can be possible with a digital or analog multimeter.
For a battery to work properly, you shall always look for testing of its efficiency. If you find any problem in the battery after testing it, you can either fix it or replace it. Prolonged usage of a damaged battery would damage the device that works on this battery.


How to test a lithium ion battery with a multimeter? The steps to perform the checking of the battery are simple. Hence a multimeter would show you the immediate results of testing the battery.

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