How To Store NiMH Batteries?


How to store nimh batteries? It is the common query you want to ask after buying a NiMH battery. Looking forward to how long a battery will live is a major concern for many. Therefore, one should always know the storage process of the batteries.

Can you store the NiMH rechargeable batteries?

Many of you would be using rechargeable batteries and investing money in them. Also, one would want the battery to last. What if you want to keep the battery you are using for a while? Most of you would undoubtedly want to keep the battery with them before it stops functioning. The best way is to keep the battery safe in storage. Where should you store batteries? If you are searching for its storage then follow the ways below to help you out.

How to store nimh batteries?

Storing the batteries is not an easy task. Proper care and handling allow you to store the batteries for a good life. Go through the ways to help you keep the batteries safe.

  • Never throw the battery’s packaging

never throw the battery’s packaging

It is very tempting to unbox the newly purchased nimh battery packs. Most people throw away its packaging immediately after unboxing it. Although they do not intend to use it, they never stop popping the packaging.
However, if you are sure the battery is not used for a while, keep it in its packaging. The original packaging of batteries comes with proper sealing. It prevents dust, water, and other impurities from attacking the batteries. Hence, the battery remains safe until you open its packing.

  • Store in a plastic container

What if you don’t have its original pack or box in which it comes? You could buy a plastic container. Whether you have a used battery or a new one, you can pack both in the container. The containers come with proper spaces to keep the batteries. Also, you would find a lock and a lid to shut the box. Hence, it ensures that nimh battery packs are safe from external factors or exposure.

  • The charging for the batteries

the charging for the batteries

Charging the batteries would help you learn how to store nimh batteries. You would often neglect to see the current charging level of the batteries. With the NiMH batteries, you don’t have to worry about their charging. You could keep them at any state of charging. Hence, the battery would keep charged and have a little discharge rate.

  • Separate the batteries

If you have different batteries of NiMH, then some would be new and some old. Keeping the nimh battery packs together for storage would affect their efficiency. For example, when you mistakenly pick an old and new battery for a device, it runs for a short period. You have to recharge them.

  • Cover the terminal of the battery with paper tape

cover the terminal of the battery with paper tape

How to store nimh batteries includes covering the terminals of the battery. You can even cover the positive terminal of a battery with paper tape. Take a chunk of tape and stick it on the battery terminal. It will prevent the battery from conducting current or getting short-circuit.

  • Store in the zip lock bags

To answer how to store rechargeable batteries, a zip lock bag is the perfect solution. For this, you require a rubber band too. So assemble all the NiMH batteries in an upright position. Then, wrap the rubber band around the batteries. Afterwards, place the batteries back in the zip lock bag. This particular technique prevents the batteries from colliding with each other.

  • Avoid placing the batteries in chargers or devices

After charging the NiMH batteries; you might not remove it from the chargers. Keeping your battery within the charger for a long period would reduce the battery’s efficiency or even damage the battery.

The tips for storing the batteries

  • Keep batteries fully charged

For the nimh battery storage, you should fully charge the batteries before keeping them in storage. Do you know why? These batteries go through self-discharge. Hence, with time, their charging automatically decreases.

  • Avoid placing metal objects with the batteries

The nimh battery storage includes a proper storing place. Sometimes if the battery is placed with a metal object, it could lead to short circuits. Although the chances of such accidents are low, you must still be careful.

  • Keep the batteries at a moderate temperature

How long do nimh batteries last will pop into your mind when you search for its storage. The battery could live for five years or sometimes less than five years. If you properly store the batteries, then they can live. Otherwise, it would fail to deliver the required efficiency. So, keep the batteries at a temperature of around 15 degrees Celsius. In high temperatures or cold temperatures, the batteries cannot live. In both extreme scenarios, it loses its capacity to charge.

  • Moisture in the air

If humidity or moisture in the air is high, it is bad for the batteries. Experts always suggest you keep the battery in air-tight packing. In humidity, one always wants to know, should batteries be stored in the refrigerator? The answer is a straight no! Inside a refrigerator, there is moisture because of the cooling. Therefore, when you store them inside, the moisture damages the batteries completely.

  • Regular check for the batteries

How to store batteries for longer life? Then let’s clarify it for you. For the battery to have a good life. Ideally, you store it in the proper place. Once you have kept the batteries in proper places, then do your regular check-up. For example, after some time, please take out the batteries from which their cases, containers, or whatever is packed. Then, using a battery charger, note their charging. The charging cycle varies from battery to battery. These would start discharging.
After checking their charging, you should charge those with a high discharge rate. After it is charged, place them in their proper storage.


How to store nimh batteries involves a cloud of doubts and some do’s and don’ts. It is always advisable to store the battery rather than buy it repeatedly. Always look for the proper ways and tips that would keep the batteries safe and retain their efficiency. Along with that, keep monitoring the battery for its charging and self-discharge.

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