How To Dispose Of Old Batteries?


Batteries contain chemicals that can harm our health. A proper way to dispose of batteries is a crucial role everyone should know. Knowing how to dispose of old batteries is essential.
Most people need an idea of disposing of old batteries, which is why we are here. We will give you ways to do this properly.

Types of batteries

how to dispose of used batteries

Before the disposal of old batteries, it is important to know what type of batteries you are going to throw. Here are the types of batteries that you can encounter.

  • Alkaline batteries

It is the most common type of battery. It is what most battery-operated devices use for everyday functions. This is completely disposable and has a longer lifespan compared to others.


It is the common rechargeable battery used in most electronics today. Some examples of these devices are laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It is lightweight and has high energy, which makes it compatible with compact devices.

  • Nickel-cadmium batteries

NiCad batteries are also rechargeable. It uses nickel oxide hydroxide and metallic Cadmium as an electrode. Cadmium is harmful to humans, so proper disposal of old batteries is necessary.

  • NiMH batteries

NiMH battery pack

It is also a rechargeable battery that most electric vehicles use. Compared to the NiCad, this one is more eco-friendly and less harmful to humans.

  • Lead-acid batteries

These types of batteries have a high amount of power. It is what cars commonly use. However, this can also require maintenance, and it’s pretty heavy.

  • Zinc-carbon batteries

This type of battery is usually in remote controls and flashlights. It has low energy density and has been replaced by alkaline batteries.

  • Silver oxide batteries

These batteries are most commonly used on watches and other small electronic devices. If you are familiar with the small circle-shaped batteries, that’s it. Typically, these batteries are powerful and disposable.

Throwing away batteries can be difficult, especially if you have no idea. Each of these batteries has its way of how to dispose of batteries safely. Let’s find out how we can adequately do that.

Ways to dispose of old batteries

old batteries disposal

There are two types of batteries, rechargeable and disposable. Batteries can contain harmful chemicals such as Cadmium, mercury, and lead. These chemicals are harmful to pets and humans. We must know how to dispose of old batteries for everyone’s safety.

How to dispose of disposable batteries?

  • Regulations:

Your area may have its own rules on how to dispose of old batteries. You must know these things for the guidelines. You can ask local authorities for that.

  • Cover battery terminals:

Covering the terminals with electrical tape can prevent the battery from causing a fire. Too much exposure to heat can trigger the battery to start a fire.

  • Throw in the trash:

Most disposable batteries can be thrown in the trash. It is safe to dispose of as long as they are sealed properly. Of course, before doing this, it is essential to ask if batteries can be thrown in the trash.

  • Do not burn batteries:

Burning batteries is not a safe way of disposing of old batteries. Burning them can release toxic chemicals that can harm pets and humans.

  • Do not throw in the water:

Water disposal is also a harmful way of throwing out old batteries. It can pollute the water, which can harm aquatic life and humans.

  • Recycling:

Where to dispose of old batteries? There are recycling centers that accept old batteries. You can check your area with these centers and use this way to dispose of your old batteries.

How to dispose of rechargeable batteries?

The old batteries disposal plays a very crucial role, especially for single-used ones. However, rechargeable batteries also need proper disposal after extended use. So how do you properly dispose of batteries, especially rechargeable ones?

  • Battery type:

Checking the type of battery can give you proper knowledge on how to dispose of old batteries. Some types of rechargeable batteries are nickel-cadmium, lithium-ion, and nickel-metal hydride. Each of these batteries has the right way of dumping.

  • Battery damage:

It is important to know if the battery has been damaged or leaked. If it has, do not dispose of it in the regular trash. The best thing to do is to contact your local hazardous waste collector. In this way, they can dispose of the batteries properly.

  • Recycling:

Some communities offer recycling programs for rechargeable batteries. Even malls provide safe disposal of rechargeable batteries. Check your local recycling centers to see if they accept these types of batteries.

  • Battery Manufacturers:

Some battery manufacturers offer this recycling service for their products. If there is no luck in your local area on recycling centers, this can be a great shot.

  • Do not dispose of regular trash:

Can batteries be thrown in the trash? Rechargeable batteries require proper disposal. Never dispose of this battery in the regular trash, as it contains toxic chemicals that can harm the environment.


Knowing how to dispose of used batteries is important. The sake of the environment and humans is at risk if we do not do this properly. Old battery disposal is safe as long as we follow the protocol.

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