18650 Battery VS AA Battery, What’s The Difference?


Nowadays, many battery technologies have been developed to meet the need for power sources. Among them, different batteries are suitable for various device applications, and each only provides specific energy needs. For example, you will often see many cylindrical batteries in stores. It is a question worth exploring about their different types and which devices they are each suitable for. Each device has a different need for itself. There is a separate demand for voltage and power which is present. In this article, we will analyze the 18650 batteries and AA batteries. Are 18650 batteries the same as AA? And 18650 battery VS AA battery, what’s the difference? Moreover, these two 18650 VS AA battery dimensions are the leading choices. You have to decide what is the right need for your gadget. We will be discussing this in detail. After reading this, you will understand the difference between the two. And you can then choose the best battery type for your specific requirements.

Individual Analysis, 18650 Battery VS AA Battery

Let us talk about these batteries before we further find out the difference. It is a better way to learn about both in separation. It will help you make a difference between 18650 and AA battery. This would help if you always understood the need for your gadget.

18650 Battery

18650 lithium battery

18650 Battery, which also refers to the 18650 cells, is a lithium-ion battery. The name of this battery is such because of its size. The battery is 18mm in diameter and 65mm in length. The voltage range of the battery is from 2.5 volts to 4.2 volts. But the ideal voltage which comes is 3.7 volts.
Two different categories of batteries come under the 18650 battery category. These are the unprotected and the protected ones. It is always advisable to use the protected ones as the circuit present in them is helpful. The course stops the battery from getting overcharged. Hence, it saves the battery from catching fire. It also is a rechargeable battery that comes in cycles ranging from 500 to 800.

AA Battery


AA batteries are alkaline batteries of a standard size that we can use in many devices. The chemical composition can be different that depends on the size and type. One can use these batteries in any device that needs low power.
The voltage of these cells can vary from 1.2 volts to 1.5 volts. But the standard power is 1.5 one. There are two types of AA batteries- lithium and alkaline. Lithium AA batteries are much in use and have a longer shelf life. The alkaline type AA batteries are present in devices that need lesser power.
The section below will clear all your doubts about the 18650 battery VS AA battery. We are aware of the batteries in particular now. Hence, we will learn the difference between the 18650 battery VS AA battery below. Let us find out.

The Difference in Detail Between 18650 Battery VS AA Battery

aa battery vs 18650 battery

Some people think both these batteries are the same. But the reality is far away from this belief. There are distinctions in size, voltage, and many other factors. Thus, we will discuss all these in the section below.

  • Physical Size

The size difference between both batteries is quite visible. 18650 battery has a size of 18mm to 65mm. But the size of the AA battery is 14.5mm to 50.5mm. So, it is clear that the 18650 battery is more significant in comparing the 18650 battery VS AA battery. You will use the battery as per the size of your device. It is advisable to ask for the device’s details when purchasing it.

  • Voltage and Capacity

These two batteries are also different in capacity and voltage. In general, 18650 batteries have more power and voltage. The ability of the 18650 battery is 1800 mAH to 3500 mAH. When we discuss the AA battery, the capacity of the AA battery is 2000 mAH to 3000 mAH.
When talking about voltage, 18650 batteries are more significant in this too. AA batteries come in from 1.2 volts to 1.5 volts. The 18650 batteries come in a range of 2.5 volts to 4.2 volts. So, the 18650 is ahead of the AA batteries in this comparison.

  • Rechargeability

The prime advantage of the 18650 batteries is you can recharge them. Most people choose them over AA batteries because of this reason. You should know that there are a fixed number of available cycles to restore. Most of the 18650 batteries come with 500 to 800 recharging cycles. Hence, choose a battery that will fit your need.

  • Performance

The AA battery comes ahead of the 18650 batteries in performance. AA batteries have a higher capacity. Thus, it then results in a longer performance duration. But the 18650 batteries here are there for high-power devices for shorter use. It is the reason why we see AA batteries more in common.

Table to show the difference between AA VS 18650 battery:

Difference Specification Remarks
18650 VS AA battery Size 18650 more
18650 VS AA battery Voltage 18650 more
18650 VS AA battery Rechargeability 18650 rechargeable
18650 VS AA battery Performance AA more

Do you know why learning about these points is good? It will help you in various ways. Here is how.

Why Understanding the Difference is Beneficial for Us?

It is helpful to know and understand the difference for many reasons. We will discuss them in this section in some detail. The following points are there to consider.

  • Better Decision- You can choose when you know what is suitable for your device. Most people need to be aware of these two battery types. So, knowing the difference helps.
  • Power Consideration- What is the voltage needed for your device? How much power is good for it to work well? Knowing these points can help you in choosing the battery type.
  • Charging- Do you want a rechargeable battery? If yes, a 18650 AA Battery will suit you well.

These points seem minor to you. But they can prove to be helpful in many aspects. We also know about your doubts. So, we will discuss some FAQs in the section below.

FAQs Discussing the Difference Between 18650 Battery VS AA Battery

Is 18650 battery same as AA battery?

The answer to this question is no. We know that there are a lot of dissimilarities between both. These can be in size, capacity, rechargeability, and much more. So, are 18650 batteries the same as AA? No, they are not.

Can I use AA batteries instead of 18650?

Many people have this doubt. It is because they need to be aware of the significant differences. You have to use the correct battery for the suitable device. So, no. You cannot use AA batteries where 18650 batteries are there.
How to find which device will use what battery? You will be able to learn about it from the user’s manual. You can also ask the seller to tell you about the battery type. The AA battery is present in most of our daily devices. But, the 18650 are also in the trend now. Understand it from the manual or seller. You can get a general idea also by looking at the size.

What are the considerations to keep when purchasing batteries?

There are a few points that you have to keep in mind. These are-

  • You need to know the difference before you buy the batteries. Each device has its own need. It would help if you kept it on notice.
  • Then comes the quality of the batteries you are purchasing. Always invest in good quality batteries from a reliable company.
  • The choice of your battery will depend on the need for power. So, keep that in your thoughts too.
  • Last but not least comes rechargeability. You must get AA batteries if you go outdoors for a few days without electricity. Also, if you are comfortable with rechargeable batteries, go for 18650.

What type of batteries is more expensive?

The cost of a battery depends on several factors. There are many platforms you can choose for variable prices. It would help if you understood the need for your device before the price.


There will be new technology coming each day now. Hence, we should understand the difference before we start using them. The same is the situation with batteries. Now you know the distinction between a 18650 lithium battery VS AA battery. Still, we will summarise everything for you. It will make it easier for you to decode. The significant difference in these batteries is in four factors. These factors are size, performance, rechargeability, and voltage. In the difference between the 18650 battery VS AA battery, the 18650 is higher. The AA battery is for long-term usage and has a more significant shelf life.

Choose right between an AA battery VS 18650. Thus, consider this difference the next time you buy a battery. Dealing with your devices will be easier for you when you are aware of these points. AA batteries are on your laptops, power tools, and cell phones. The 18650 batteries are there in your laptops as well. It is the reason for people’s confusion about the 18650 battery VS AA battery. But you will be sure about your need when you know the type of battery you are using. So, now you can make your decisions well as you see the difference between a 18650 battery VS AA battery.

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